Cloud Industry Forum certification

LeadingEdge is certified by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), an organisation that aims to provide transparency, clarity and confidence to consumers in their choice of Cloud Service Providers (CSP).

We are committed to complying with the ‘Code of Practice for Cloud Service Providers’ (the ‘Code’). The public statement below is made in evidence of that position.

Compliance with the Code

While LeadingEdge has made the commitment to the Code and has been self-certified as compliant with the Code, customers/third parties shall note that information or certification provided by the Cloud Industry Forum does not constitute advice from or endorsement by the Cloud Industry Forum.

The Cloud Industry Forum disclaims any and all liability arising out of the use of services or otherwise of certified organizations. Where disclosed information or capabilities as specified by the Code of Practice are essential in purchasing cloud services from a certified organization, it/these should be cited contractually. Professional advice appropriate to specific circumstances should always be obtained.

Third-party coverage of Code

LeadingEdge develops its infrastructure services in-house; certain products are provided in partnership with key third party vendors. LeadingEdge accepts responsibility for the provision of its infrastructure services, including any technical failures of third party vendors that provide services/hardware to us.

The LeadingEdge responsibility to Partners and direct Customers is subject to contractual agreement and associated terms and conditions. In respect of contractual liability, such liability will be limited and Partners and direct Customers are required to undertake their own areas of responsibility, for example, back-ups as detailed in our Terms of Service.

Due to the nature of our infrastructure services, LeadingEdge suppliers and third party vendors have no direct responsibility to our Partners or direct Customers.

For the avoidance of doubt, the contractual relationship is between LeadingEdge and the Partner and, therefore, LeadingEdge is under no obligation or liability to customers of Partners. Any requests from a customer of a Partner will be reviewed on an individual basis and in association with the Partner.


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