Do I need To Replace My Business Software?

Your business is growing and one or more of your team have started advising you that you need to upgrade your software to meet current and future business demands. Information Technology is enabling business to transform how they operate, serve their clients and change whole markets.

Digital / Business Transformation – does this inspire you?

Typically – if you agree with more than 1 or 2 of the following statements – it may be a good time to start considering replacing your software:

  • Your key processes like Accounting period ends, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain Management, HR, etc. are taking too long.
  • You cannot access sufficient reports, dashboards and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information on time.
  • You are running multiple applications that don’t “talk to each other”.
  • Your key information is siloed into these various applications.
  • Your team captures the same data multiple times.
  • Many of your business processes are manual or there are multiple “break points” in workflows.
  • Accessing applications from any location is challenging.
  • Worst of all, Customer Service is becoming more problematic.

The main impact of these challenges can result in the following:

  • Do you often feel frustrated that you don’t get information to help your team with critical decision-making?
  • Can you see the inefficiencies in your team through manual processes, duplicated tasks and correcting errors?
  • Is a lot of your key information entered, saved and accessed via spreadsheets?
  • Are you confident your systems meet new compliance requirements?

Very often these challenges only become evident as your business grows. Previously your systems and processes were adequate to handle the volumes you had, however they are now just not meeting the needs of your business and a result of these challenges is most often a loss of efficiency, innovation, progress and profitability.

What if you could:

  • Have accurate, reliable reports, dashboards and KPI’s available in real time?
  • Automate your core processes from start to finish?
  • Improve your customer experience & understand their buying needs/habits better?
  • Improve your handling of stock or scheduling of resources, effectively using your cash/stock more efficiently?
  • Start replacing software in the area most urgent for you and only invest for that specific area?
  • Progress at a pace that suits your business?
  • Ensure the best chance of future-proofing your investment?

Read more about Microsoft’s Dynamics Business Software solutions:

If this sounds like the position you are in and you’d like to know more, please call our team who would be happy to schedule a no-obligation discussion with you.