Business Continuity

a Team of professional experts working to develop a business continuity planOur dedicated IT service continuity and disaster recovery solutions are designed to keep your business – and IT infrastructure – up and running through the good times and the bad. Our aim is to identify the key areas of your business that require maintenance in order to provide complete protection to your assets in the event of an incident.

Losing key technology services will very rapidly cause most of today’s businesses to come to a grinding halt. None of us can afford that. Between our core team in Ashford, and our extended team of network operations specialists based in the London and Surrey area, we guarantee maximum continuity and minimum IT downtime for our clients. Not sure if you need business continuity, learn more here.

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LeadingEdge IT Service Continuity Plan

Our business continuity service is not just about resolving problems to your IT infrastructure when they occur. Our team of experts will also ensure strategies are in place to prevent problems from escalating into major issues.

In order to put together the right IT service continuity plan for your business, we will work closely with you to identify the following:

  • Your key products and services
  • The activities, IT solutions and tools you require to deliver these
  • The potential risks to these activities and IT solutions
  • How these will be maintained if an incident occurs

Business Continuity Solution

Following an assessment of your business needs and specifications, we will put together a business continuity solution that enables us to:

  • Design your data storage, backup strategy, and data recovery plans
  • Install and manage high availability and resilient IT systems
  • Deliver rapid recovery speeds to minimise downtime
  • Provide remote access to staff when your premises are unavailable
  • Comply with standards and regulations
  • Test your business continuity solution – it’s no good waiting for disaster to strike before finding out that your backup or data recovery doesn’t work properly!

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