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Making the Cloud work for SMEs

Multiple computers & devices connected through cloud servicesAt LeadingEdge, we’ve been providing cloud based services since it first arrived in the UK, and are proudly certified by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) – an organisation that aims to provide transparency, clarity and confidence to consumers in their choice of cloud computing service providers.

We have particular expertise in the cloud for SMEs, and work with trusted partners such as Microsoft to offer a selection of cloud based options, which provide highly secure and flexible virtual hosting solutions. Depending on your business needs and existing IT infrastructure, we’ll recommend appropriate cloud technology that will deliver secure, flexible and scalable solutions to free your business from the limitations of traditional software.

If you’re thinking of moving to cloud computing, get in touch with us today to find out what elements of cloud technology are right for you and how it can help to boost your business.

CIF Certified Cloud Service ProviderCloud Computing Services for SMEs at LeadingEdge

Our aim is to deploy cloud computing services as smoothly as possible, ensuring in-depth planning, procurement and migration of cloud solutions according to the technical innovations you have in mind. Whatever your primary goals for moving to cloud based services, we can design, build and optimise to your specific requirements.

Complete Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is our pay-per-use cloud infrastructure that includes servers, storage and networking on demand. This cloud computing service is ideal for SMEs.

In order to build a bespoke cloud infrastructure for your business, we’ll work closely with you to assess your existing IT solution and pinpoint the following:

  • Your data and storage requirements
  • The applications and systems you use
  • The types of processes you need to perform

Cloud Backup

Our cloud backup services will ensure all your business data is fully protected. If something goes wrong, we can guarantee rapid recovery of all your files hosted in the cloud through our data centre.

Cloud Maintenance

As part of our business continuity services, we can monitor your cloud solution, making sure any IT issues are quickly resolved and everything is working as it should.

Adobe Creative Cloud

We’re experts in deploying Adobe Creative Cloud solutions for teams. This is the leading online workspace for creative teams, featuring a number of apps and assets to greatly improve collaboration, ease of management and publishing.

Microsoft Cloud Services

As a longstanding partner of Microsoft, we’re experts in all of the various tools and clouding hosting platforms that can be utilised to enhance your business performance and data protection. We can deploy the following:

  • Sharepoint services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Lync hosting

Private Cloud Network

Our LeadingCloud hosted solutions are private cloud storage services offering seamless and highly secure access to your data and files.

Hybrid Cloud Models

It could be that your business may benefit more from a mix of cloud and physical elements to deliver an appropriate IT solution. Our Hybrid Cloud Models allow the use of both private and public cloud infrastructures in order to meet a variety of customer needs.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for your Business

Connecting to the business' cloud on a laptopCloud computing is one of the first mainstream technology tools for businesses that eliminates the need for technological expertise or the right hardware. This makes it hugely beneficial for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) looking for an affordable, on-demand service that provides secure data and storage solutions, and greatly improves productivity.

With cloud based services, your IT solutions are always physically close to you. Self-service access means anyone on the network can instantly retrieve and store data while on the move. This increases collaboration between employees – wherever they are – and allows for improved document handling, as all files are kept in one location. The flexibility and efficiency of cloud technology extends to its instant ability to meet high bandwidth demand – without the upfront costs of standard computing technology.

For many businesses, cloud computing is really important for disaster recovery. Without cloud, relying on complex disaster recovery plans can be time consuming and lessens the reliability of data backup. Moving to cloud based services will not only enhance business performance, reduce costs and free up space for core activities, it will provide peace of mind that your valuable data and IT infrastructure is fully protected.

Let us transition your data to the cloud. Contact us today for professional advice.

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