IT Security

Every business is full of sensitive information, from confidential customer details to proprietary industry knowledge. Protecting this information is a top priority for every company. The value of personal and private industry data cannot be understated.

If you are looking to engage a trusted partner for IT security services, LeadingEdge has an experienced and dedicated team ready to help. We have a range of services to help you manage specific problems or protect your entire network with end to end security.
It is worth remembering that small and medium sized businesses are just as in need of IT security consultancy as larger organisations. The effects and impact of a security breach can be extremely damaging and costly without the right preventative measures in place, even more so for SMEs. However, it is more affordable than you think to invest in IT Security. We work with our existing clients to help them manage their budgets to deliver the greatest protection.

Vulnerability Management

Understanding your vulnerabilities and managing risk is something most executives will be very familiar with. Just like in business, vulnerability management is a crucial part of your IT security. At LeadingEdge, we can help you identify, classify and secure potential vulnerabilities in your company’s hardware and software infrastructure.

Security Audit

At LeadingEdge, we know the key to success is to understand your business so that every IT solution is tailored to fit your goals. A key part of this process is a full security audit. A security audit identifies the data you need to protect and the vulnerabilities that put that data at risk.

Vulnerabilities include server infrastructure, devices such as laptops and mobiles, and even the human factor. Once all the vulnerabilities are identified, we create an action plan to improve security and prioritise the highest level threats.

To reduce the ever-present human factor, we can advise with training and process updates. We can ensure that each staff member can identify cyber attack red flags and that they know what to do when they encounter one. We can then support these efforts by reviewing staff leaving processes and personal IT management to ensure that passwords are aren’t lost, stolen or easily figured out.

We take audits on a regular basis to prevent your defences from becoming obsolete and ensure they continue to meet your strategic goals.

Threat Management

IT security threats are always evolving and multiplying. Our threat management team keeps abreast of the latest online security issues to help protect you and your customers. We can ensure you are protected against the latest hardware vulnerabilities, software bugs and network threats. If you want proactive rather than reactive IT security, get in touch today.

Compliance Management

No matter what industry you are in, there are certain regulations that govern how you handle sensitive information. This could be credit card details, medical records or other customer records. If you do not meet the minimum standards for compliance with these regulations, you could face serious legal and financial consequences. Whatever industry you’re in, we are fully equipped to meet your data compliance needs.

Network Security

Our network security services are designed to help you protect the systems that make your business possible. We set up security measures designed to guard your software and hardware from attack or tampering. This includes ensuring that everything, from your servers to your website and even your staff’s mobile devices, is secure.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

For added peace of mind, we also provide business continuity and disaster recovery services that can keep your business up and running in the event of a major incident. Off-site server backups, real-time hot site management that restores your systems from the moment the plug is pulled, our comprehensive disaster security services cover a range of strategy options and budgets.

Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber crime. Our Cyber Security Infographic highlights the danger small businesses face, and what they can do to protect themselves.

Comprehensive Cyber Security Services From LeadingEdge

When you choose security services from LeadingEdge, you will have the protection that is right for you. We work with businesses to understand their risk profiles and budget to create an IT security solution that synergises seamlessly without disruption. From vulnerability management, to future-proofing and compliance, LeadingEdge offer the right security solution for you.

As a trusted and accredited network security specialists, we have the expertise and experience to keep your private data as secure as possible.
Contact us today to have an initial conversation about the potential IT security threats to your business and how these can be identified and resolved affordably.
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