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Office cabling can be very complicated, but get it right and it can be a tremendous business asset. Get it wrong and you could put your business under threat.

At LeadingEdge we’re one the most experienced data cable installation providers in the Surrey and London area. We take our time to fully understand your requirements and how we can supply a network cabling infrastructure that fully meets your needs and business aims.

If you’re looking for data cabling in or around London, you can count on us to provide highly effective data cabling solutions to physically link your IT assets, and ensure your network runs efficiently.

LeadingEdge Cable Installation Services

Our engineers have experience working on new cable installations and on existing IT infrastructure, where extra network points are required. We use only the latest techniques and highest quality materials to design and install structured cabling systems that facilitate optimum performance of your voice and data networks.

All our engineers are Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7 certified, and can provide the following network cabling services:

  • Structured cabling installation
  • Structured cabling upgrades
  • Network cable maintenance

Network Cabling Maintenance

If you have existing cabling or are planning to have new cabling installed, LeadingEdge can help you maintain that cabling infrastructure. Our engineers are able to run connectivity checks, diagnose problems and help you keep your cabling organised. LeadingEdge cable maintenance is the best way to quickly solve any issues and keep even the most complex cabling under control.

All our engineers are Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7 certified, and can provide the following network cabling services:

  • Structured cabling installation
  • Structured cabling upgrades
  • Cabling maintenance

Our Network Cabling Guarantee

So confident are we in the systems we install that in addition to the manufacturers 15 year guarantee we also offer a twelve month guarantee at no additional cost.  The warranty will cover labour and parts on any cable related fault.  An engineer will be on the site within 8 working hours of the fault report.

Types of Network Cabling

Ethernet Cabling – Advantages

Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7 ethernet network cabling easily connects to a multitude of devices. The category of cabling selected depends on your business’s performance requirements, from Cat 5e’s 100/Mbps to the super durable and noise resistant Cat 7’s 10/Gbps. However, they can only reach limited distances in an office location.

Fiber Optic Cabling – Advantages

Fiber optic cabling is much faster than ethernet and is best used for reaching longer distances in an office location. Fiber optic cables are also durable, flexible and do not produce electromagnetic interference.

Read more information about types of network cabling.

Network Cabling Applications

LeadingEdge are able to install cabling to meet all of your needs. This includes:

  • Twisted pair cabling (shielded and unshielded): Which can be used to install ethernet networks and connect different computer devices. This type of cabling is perfect for businesses that need large or small networks of devices. Twisted cabling can also be shielded so it is less affected by interference.
  • Fiber optic cabling: This is great for long and short distance high speed data connection. It can be run between buildings, in large offices and is perfect for increased data speed and transferring large files. Fiber optics is also highly secure. Because it does not rely on a magnetic field, it is impossible to tap into the signal. This is perfect for companies that want the most secure connection.

These different cabling types can be used to link your devices, improve connectivity between your front and back office and generally enhance your IT infrastructure.

Network Cabling Resources

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