IT Challenges Of Office Relocation

A big part of business growth is office relocation. It can mark an exciting time, but it can also be a chaotic and complex undertaking that needs to be carefully managed to prevent any expensive problems occurring.

The IT challenges of office relocation are a particular concern for many businesses. If IT equipment is crucial to your company’s livelihood, any data loss or extended downtime could be devastating. Making sure these IT challenges are effectively dealt with is key to ensuring a smooth transition of your equipment to a new office.

Read on to find out more about the IT challenges of moving office, and the best practices you need to follow to avoid any delays or disruption.

Cabling and Bandwidth

It’s crucial that your new premises is set up with the appropriate cabling, as an insufficient supply will greatly affect your business’s capability and scalability. You will need to make sure you have enough workstations in your new office to support the future expansion of your business, as well as a good level of bandwidth. Planning ahead is important, and you should ensure cabling and bandwidth is adequate prior to signing the lease for your new offices.

If, however, you have found yourself with insufficient cabling in your new premises, at LeadingEdge we are specialists in providing cost-effective cabling services to get your network running efficiently.

IT Upgrades and Renewals

Office relocation to support business growth offers a good opportunity to evaluate the growth potential of your IT equipment. Many types of hardware and software are not designed to scale up or down according to many SME requirements, so your office relocation may be a good time to migrate to more flexible cloud-based services or complete a series of software upgrades and renewals.

Many companies choose to have new PCs and network servers installed at their new offices. This strategy allows for weeks of testing prior to office relocation and removes the need to organise the transportation of IT equipment and have it re-installed at the new premises.

IT Equipment Transportation

The riskiest part of office relocation is transporting valuable IT equipment. This needs to be done quickly and safely to prevent any technical issues and ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. Just one damaged server can cause a multitude of problems that could greatly affect your business.

Planning in advance and choosing a specialist IT relocation service provider is key to the efficient transportation of your IT during an office move. This will allow you to organise crucial precautionary measures, such as backing up your data in advance, and will give you peace of mind that all your requirements are being met.

At LeadingEdge we’re dedicated relocation experts with years of experience in helping businesses to relocate their IT. We have in place highly tuned measures to ensure your IT is delivered carefully and on time to your new office, and is reinstalled ready for use. We use professional boxing and packaging to protect fragile equipment and work with a trusted removals company.

For more information on how we can smoothly relocate your business IT, take a look at our Office Relocation service page, or get in touch to speak to one of our experts.