Office Relocation FAQs

When it comes to office relocation – and the transportation and reinstallation of your IT equipment – there are lots of things to consider and preparations to be made. Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers on office relocation, and how LeadingEdge can deliver an exceptional service that ensures minimum downtime and utmost efficiency.

Can you evaluate and plan the technology requirements for our new offices?

Yes; our team of engineers will plan and manage your IT relocation to include the technological requirements of your new office. Whatever your business aims, we can recommend suitable hardware, software and IT solutions to meet your needs and ensure your business growth and continuity is fully supported.

This may include:

Can you safeguard our valuable data and information prior to the move?

Yes. Business moves can increase the possibility of data loss and equipment failures, so we will make sure you have a suitable data protection strategy in place prior to your relocation. This includes putting in place a full contingency plan. Our high quality, purpose-built packaging will also ensure all of your IT equipment is fully protected during the move to prevent any damage.

Can you provide a full plan for our move?

Yes, we’ll assign you a dedicated project manager who will be your direct source of contact throughout the relocation process. They will work closely with you to thoroughly plan your entire business move, including logistics management (telephone, data and ISP relocation) and the safe transportation of all your valuable equipment. Whatever your needs, they will make sure everything is taken care of and that your office relocation is as smooth and pain-free as possible.

How do you ensure there will be little downtime?

Our technical experts will ensure all the correct measures are in place prior to your move to prevent technical delays or issues that could lead to a prolonged downtime. They will help you to plan for contingencies and will prioritise the backing up of your data in advance. Our fast and efficient removals service means all your equipment will be delivered and re-installed in your new offices safely and on time.

Can you organise a move in a short space of time?

Yes! Many of our clients have required us to get their IT equipment delivered, uncoupled and reinstalled in their new premises within just a few hours, which is absolutely no problem for us. Whatever your requirements, we go out of our way to ensure they are met – right down to the last detail – and we will plan your move accordingly.

Can you organise the adequate cabling in our new offices?

Yes. We have dedicated cabling engineers who can install a tailored network cabling infrastructure in your new office to facilitate optimum performance. Find out more on our cabling page.

What if our move date changes?

This is not a problem as we can quickly and easily make arrangements to cater for this. If the moving date is delayed, for example, we have a highly secure storage centre where all your equipment can be kept overnight or for longer.

Do you move data centres and servers?

Yes, a key part of our office relocation service is to ensure the safe and secure relocation or migration of servers and data centres. Whatever your requirements, we have specialist measures in place to prevent any hardware issues or data loss occurring during transit. So if you have a single server or an entire data centre that needs moving, we can provide a reliable de-racking and re-racking service – with full cabling installation – so everything is set up to meet your requirements in your new office.

Do you provide the packaging for my IT equipment?

Yes, we provide purpose-built packaging to provide maximum protection for all equipment during transit. Our experienced relocation engineers will oversee every aspect of your IT equipment relocation, so you can rest assured your technology is in good hands.

If you have any more questions about our office relocation service and would like to find out more about what we can do for your business, contact us today.