At LeadingEdge, our partnership with Swyx means we can design and install a unified communications network that is tailored to your unique business requirements. We’ll bring together and enhance your collaborative tools, allowing you to run both voice calls and data over your PC network with absolute ease and confidence.

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Unified Communications Solutions to Enhance Business Performance

Unified communications solutions – also known as a UC Environment – can have great benefits for your business. We provide these services to guarantee maximum continuity – helping you to make significant cost savings and enhance overall business performance.

By combining many different tools and all forms of web, desktop, mobile, audio and video communications, we can help you remove limitations associated with time and location. Unified communication networks allow teams to collaborate together in the virtual environment wherever they are, at any time.

On the IT side, you’ll have just one network to manage rather than two, while the applications we can build for you on your network will help you improve employee efficiency, and respond to your customers more quickly.

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