Workstation using multiple devices in an office with WiFi installation

A consistent and reliable wireless internet connection is no longer ‘nice-to-have’ but it’s a business necessity.

Quite simply, your staff, your customers and other visitors to your premises will expect Wifi – and they’ll want it to be fast and efficient. At LeadingEdge, our team of qualified engineers can ensure you meet that expectation.

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LeadingEdge WiFi Installation Services

We offer bespoke WiFi solutions tailored to your business requirements. Our engineers have in-depth experience and knowledge of complex and professional WiFi services, and can provide a wide range of installations for all working environments.

If you choose LeadingEdge to be your dedicated WiFi installation provider, you will benefit from the following:

  • Premises surveys to identify ideal WiFi hotspots and access points.
  • Consultancy on WiFi security, coverage and integrated WiFi solutions.
  • Design and installation of the best possible WiFi configuration for your office, retail unit, floor, or entire building.

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