Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business is important. You buy locks for the doors and insurance to make sure you’re protected while your business grows. But what about your data?

Did you know that your data is arguably the most vital asset to your business? If critical information is lost or compromised, it can damage your business and close your doors for good.

Threats keeping business managers awake

In today’s technological landscape, you need to be able to protect your data from threats of all kinds. No matter if it’s hardware failure, fire, flooding, cyberattack or just plain human error — when disaster strikes, you need to be sure your data is safe and you’re back in business fast.

Currently, these are the top worries we hear from clients:

  • Cybersecurity – The threat of cybersecurity breach is higher than ever (read our article for more insights). Business insurers are starting to insist on specific cybersecurity cover. How do you know if you conform? How can you stay protected in line with your policy?
  • Business disruption – let’s face it, almost all businesses depend on data to operate. Imagine if you couldn’t access important files, process invoices or provide quotes / tenders on time?
  • Compliance – businesses are being required to conform to more and more regulations like GDPR, PCI-DSS, FCA and HiPAA. Where is your data backup going? Is it secure? Is it encrypted?
  • Reputational damage – if you have not taken adequate steps to protect your data and be able to recover from a disaster within an acceptable timeframe, the impact is often severe in terms of customer and prospect perception.

So how would it feel to be free of the worry that your data is protected?

Our Leading Continuity backup and disaster recovery service takes the pain out of protecting your sensitive data. Backing up data and handling disaster recovery plans can be complex and time consuming, which can divert your core personnel away from primary business objectives.

With Leading Continuity, we let you stay in control of your systems, but ensure you have a highly reliable and tailored backup and data recovery solution in place. Intelligent and flexible enough to keep pace with the growth of your business, it can eliminate costly and time consuming manual processes, and ensure your sensitive information can never be lost or stolen should a disaster occur.

Simple to get started

The process of analysing your needs, identifying the most suitable solution and implementing is a very simple one. It takes a lot less time than you may think – even for more complex solutions in larger environments. Contact us by completing the form below and one of our team will make contact for a chat as quickly as possible.

Simple, Automated Backup for Peace of Mind

With options available to suit every business, Leading Continuity is perfect for small, medium as well as large businesses. Once Leading Continuity is in place, your backup happens day-in and day-out automatically. This takes place when it suits your business so that there’s no impact on workload or performance. The service is much quicker than traditional backup solutions and can significantly reduce your day-to-day operating costs spent on manual backup. With Leading Continuity, you can rest assured that your data is secure as well as being monitored and maintained by experts.

Secure (and GDPR compliant) with Off-Site UK Storage

Every backup plan should include off-site disaster recovery provision. Storing your data away from the primary office means that no matter what happens at that location, should a disaster occur your data remains safe. With Leading Continuity, your data is protected in UK-based, state-of-the-art, data centres with failsafe equipment, additional safeguards and 24/7 security.

Our solution is compliant with GDPR requirements as data is encrypted (secured) both in transit as well as when it as rest throughout the process.

Fully Monitored and Managed

You won’t have to wait until you’re trying to restore data to find out whether or not your backup has been successful. We continually monitor your backup and regularly test the system to make sure your data is properly stored for retrieval when you need it. Every Business Continuity Plan should include regular testing of the data recovery process and our service takes the stress out of these exercises. What’s more, we’ll carry out the tests with you present so you can feel confident and in control.


Automated backup & DR

Rapid Recovery

Whilst we all take steps to prevent disasters, they do happen. Backup is only the first step to protecting sensitive business data; the real test of any data protection strategy is the ability to retrieve files or restore entire systems should you need to. Leading Continuity makes it quick and easy to do just that, so that you minimise any downtime and disruption.

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