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Cloud computing technology Our LeadingCloud solutions combine state of the art technology and leading expertise to offer you a comprehensive cloud hosting service that you can trust. Support high performance applications and ensure optimum efficiency, security, privacy and accessibility of data with LeadingCloud.

We can guarantee availability and control while reducing your in-house IT and energy costs, and freeing up physical space for your core business activities. Through LeadingCloud, we can give you 100% peace of mind that your sensitive data and core business applications are hosted in a scalable, secure and reliable network.

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Private Hosted Networks

Hosted in our data centre, we reserve your Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) solely for your servers – allowing for efficient management and enhanced security. If it is required, we can set up a number of VLANs for your business by separating servers into security zones. Using remote-access, virtual private networks (VPN), we can offer secure, permission-based access for your users.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Operating like a secure site-to-site, encrypted internet ‘tunnel’, our VPNs allow your users to get highly secure and consistent access to all of your Cloud hosted systems and applications. If your business operates in various locations, we can create separated, dedicated VPNs which will provide universal access for your users. Remote Access VPN is also available for workers in remote locations who can access their VLAN from individual devices and machines anywhere in the world.

With LeadingCloud, you can guarantee the most secure and speed VPN connections to drive optimum performance.

A Secure Virtual Dedicated Firewall

Our virtual dedicated firewall service allows you to access hosted servers from the internet and vice versa – whilst ensuring optimum server security at all times. It also allows you to have detailed control over who is allowed to connect to what. Our firewall delivers the on-demand agility required for cloud platforms and covers all types of threat. It is a reliable and highly comprehensive security solution for all businesses using web applications.

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