Mobile Data Management

Employees can answer emails and access company files wherever they go on their mobile devices. This means your sensitive company data goes everywhere they are. With 68% of stolen smartphones never recovered, business data is at risk. Learn how sensitive business data can be protected thanks to mobile data management services from LeadingEdge.


LeadingMDM, our mobile data management service, is a fully-integrated cloud platform that offers rapid deployment, visibility, security and control for all your mobile devices, applications and information.

With businesses today using a wide range of mobile devices, it’s essential that each one provides consistent access to core data and resources from any location. LeadingMDM delivers and manages apps across a broad range of mobile technology, helping to simplify administration, maximise productivity and ensure highly secure data storage at all times.

We can enrol your devices and immediately manage your entire mobile device lifecycle to provide:

  • Increased security and compliance enforcement
  • Reduced support costs for mobile devices
  • Better performance management
  • A boost for business continuity
  • Increased productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting
  • Responsive service with fast resolution of any issues

Our mobile data management service works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and Blackberry devices and seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.

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