Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

Adobe Creative Cloud LogoAdobe Creative Cloud is the leading online workspace for creative teams, which brings the benefit of easier management, collaboration and publishing. Businesses can subscribe to this service to access to a wide range of creative tools and applications such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. These tools are constantly updated and can be used across all mobile and desktop devices.

At LeadingEdge we have any years of experience in deploying Adobe Creative Cloud for teams and have seen the benefits it can have for organisations of all sizes. With the best creative apps and tools right at their fingertips, teams can deliver creative projects efficiently and cost-effectively. This is crucial for driving business growth and development.

The Benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative cloud provides managers, IT and creative professional’s access to the best of Adobe’s applications and all the latest high quality features. Apps and updates can be deployed in a way that suits your team’s needs, and they can be easily accessed from anywhere at any time.


The biggest advantage of Adobe Creative Cloud is being able to instantly access an amazing suite of products, whenever and wherever, for a fixed monthly price. Businesses – particularly those operating in the graphic design, animation of visual effects fields – can save a great deal of money by opting to rent cloud-based services rather than buying specific software individually.

Better yet, Adobe includes additional cloud services as part of your subscription fee, so users can store data, sync work to the web, and use a range of collaboration tools to track changes and communicate with clients and team members.

Innovation & Learning

Teams using Adobe Creative Cloud will have instant access to all the latest desktop apps and new features as soon as they become available. This is crucial for innovation, and for ensuing optimum creativity and productivity. Furthermore, the addition of Creative Cloud Learn tutorials and videos means users can quickly and easily get up to speed with the tools available to them. Access is also provided to Adobe’s Expert Services support team.

Easy Administration

With Creative Cloud for teams, you can easily manage your service so that it is tailored to your specific needs as a business. Centralised administrative tools allow you to add, track and reassign both complete and single-app seats across your business. Using the Creative Cloud Packager you can also deploy and update all of the Creative Cloud apps as and when you need to.

Improved Collaboration

With 100GB of cloud storage, file sharing capabilities, and the option to store all the activity related to specific projects in one place, Adobe Creative Cloud optimises collaboration. This is essential for creating efficiencies within your business and ensures high levels of design consistency across projects. It enables team members from any working location to stay on top of changes and collaborate effectively.

Office worker using Creative Cloud servicesWhat to Expect With Adobe Creative Cloud

A Range of Creative Tools

With a collection of 29 desktop apps and 10 mobile apps, Adobe Creative Cloud offers plenty of scope to creative teams working on a variety of projects.

Creative tools available include:

  • Photoshop CC – Imaging and design app that can be used across PCs and mobile devices to create and enhance images, website designs, 3D artwork, mobile apps etc.
  • Illustrator CC – Vector graphics app for creating logos, sketches, and complex illustrations for all mediums.
  • InDesign CC – Page design and layout toolset.
  • Dreamweaver CC – Create, code and manage websites with this toolset for web designers and front-end developers.
  • Lightroom CC – Organise, share and edit photographs on any device.
  • Premiere Pro CC – Video production toolset.
  • After Effects CC – Animation and creative compositing app for designing graphics and visual effects.
  • Adobe Muse CC – App for designing websites using HTML

Subscription Plan

Companies of all sizes can subscribe to a Creative Cloud plan, which provides fast and easy access to Adobe’s creative desktop apps, services and all the latest business features. There are 2 specific plans offered to teams:

Complete Plan  

This offers the all the latest CC desktop apps, the widest variety of tools and services, and exclusive cloud-based features including 100GB of storage and expert support. The Complete Plan also includes a web-based Admin Console to easily track, add and reassign licenses as and when you need to, and offers Creative Cloud Packager which enables you to centrally deploy all Creative Cloud desktop apps across your business.

This plan tends to be best for businesses with team members who will be using more than one Creative Cloud product and want to create experiences for desktop and other devices.

Single-app Plan

The Single-App Plan gives creative teams access to one specific Adobe tool. It also includes 20GB of cloud storage for collaboration and file sharing, as well as a centralised Admin Console for easy administration of seats across the organisation. A 30 day free trial on the other CC desktop apps is available to give creative teams insight into additional products that could help to enhance their work.

This plan is ideal for creative teams that require the use of only one Adobe product, but want access to cloud-based services and the latest Creative Cloud features. It also suits businesses with a mixed environment, where several different single-app plans may be needed to support creative teams.

To find out more about Adobe Creative Cloud and how it can support your business, contact an expert at LeadingEdge today.