What are the benefits of Microsoft Office 365?

‘Great teams are built on great communication’Microsoft

At LeadingEdge we’re experts in making cloud services such as Office 365 work for businesses of all sizes. We have seen just how much of a difference it can make in terms of flexibility, growth, cost-efficiency and time savings. Read on for more information on how this essential tool can boost your business and why you should be using office 365:

Scalability & Reliability

Using Microsoft Office 365, you can rest assured your business will be fully supported with reliable and consistent IT applications at all stages of growth. At any stage you can adapt your subscription plan so you have the specific tools you need to support your users.
Furthermore, Microsoft Office 365 comes with highly reliable data backup systems to ensure minimum downtime and as little service interruption as possible. Microsoft has a number of data centres located all over the world, so if one fails, there’s always another to back up information. This is crucial for preventing the loss of worker productivity and saves businesses money in the long run.
In terms of security, Microsoft uses specific measures that align with the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative. Antivirus signatures are always up to date and Microsoft continuously monitors the systems – carrying out regular security audits.

Time & Cost Savings

Traditional IT systems can be time consuming and costly to manage – especially for fast growing businesses with increasingly complex needs. Migrating your IT systems to the cloud, and in particular Microsoft Office 365, will centralise all of your data in one place. This eliminates costly and time consuming issues that can impact productivity and overall performance.
The move to Microsoft Office 365 solves several problems at once. These include:

  • Reduces the number of physical servers a business needs by half – with much of the data migrated to virtual servers.
  • Employees working in different locations can web conference and call each other through one single system, and no longer need to rely on additional solutions.
  • Collaborative Microsoft Office 365 tools allow employees to communicate quickly and effectively, and participate in file sharing wherever they are located.
  • Easy upgrades for all desktop systems (Mac, Windows etc), and access to all the latest productivity enhancing applications and tools.

User Flexibility & Enhanced Productivity

One of the most significant benefits of Microsoft Office 365 is the increased flexibility and enhanced productivity if offers. It is essentially a single, easy to use platform that allows for unlimited calling, conferencing and sharing. Wherever they are in the world, users can sign into accounts on any device, and connect with colleagues as if they’re all working in the same office. Microsoft Office 365 opens up communication channels, maximises performance and enhances innovation and agility in your business.

Convinced? We’ll help you migrate

If you’re ready to embrace the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 and migrate to a cloud solution, get in contact today and one of our experts will be more than happy to advise and help with your business’s requirements.