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At LeadingEdge our IT Services further your business goals, not just facilitate them. We focus on giving SMEs the best support to help them grow and thrive. Our services range from consulting on your IT project to managing your entire IT infrastructure. Our IT consulting services include:

  • IT Strategy and Audits, which can help you plan your IT and recognise your weaknesses.
  • Business Continuity, Which pinpoints your crucial IT infrastructure and provides planning and support in the event of an IT disaster.
  • Cloud Computing, which allows you to save files, access data and run software from anywhere in the world.
  • Virtualisation, which allows you to create virtual computers, services and software to save money.
  • Office relocation, that provides end to end expert moving services for your IT infrastructure.

Our IT Management services include:

  • Full IT management, that oversees and maintains all of your IT infrastructure.
  • Managed Backup and Recovery, which ensures your data is always safe.
  • Mobile Data Management, which ensures all of your devices are ready and secure.

Our goal is to act as a seamless extension to your business, so that you can achieve yours objectives. Everything we do is focused on making your IT a driver of business growth.
These consulting and managed services are specifically tailored to Small and medium sized businesses. They give CEOs and business owners the freedom to pick and choose exactly which services they need. That way you can fix a single existing problem or get the ongoing IT support you need.

IT Consulting

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At LeadingEdge, we specialise in providing IT support to businesses in the Surrey and London area. So weather you are considering the cloud, looking to upgrade IT or struggling with your systems, LeadingEdge can help you find the technology that best suits your needs. Our consultancy services include IT auditing, office relocation, upgrades and more. If you need advice or guidance about your next IT project, explore our Consultancy Services.

Managed IT

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Every business needs IT for something. The problem is finding someone to manage that IT. For many SMEs, having a dedicated IT department is simply not an option. That is where LeadingEdge comes in. We can manage your IT, making sure your infrastructure is up and running smoothly. Our managed IT services include cloud hosting, data recovery and back up, IT support, and more. Click here to explore our full range of Managed IT Services.

Does Your IT Infrastructure Let You Down?

Every business has its own IT problems. For some it may be poorly designed IT infrastructure, while others may struggle with individual software or systems. LeadingEdge works with you to find the solutions that best fit your business. Our IT consulting is the perfect way to fix individual problems or run an IT health check. Our managed IT services provide you with the peace of mind that dedicated IT professionals are monitoring your systems, ready to help if there is ever a problem.

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