• 9th Feb 2017  / 
  • by Shaun McKay

Infographic: 10 Shocking Cyber Security Facts

cyber security infographic

How strong are your defences?

Every business, no matter how big, is under threat from a cyber attack. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to cyber crime in part because so many believe they are too small to be of notice to criminals. This cannot be further than the truth. Personal data is incredibly valuable to thieves and all businesses have it. It may be customer data or staff data, either way, your data is under threat.

Small businesses don’t take cyber security seriously until it’s too late

Many SMEs rate cyber security as low priority compared to things like lead generation and cashflow. But businesses cyber security requires much more than just uploading anti-virus to the computer. You need a plan, a policy, and regular audits to keep your business safe.

Our new infographic highlights the threats small businesses face from cyber crime and show you what you can do to protect yourself.

Check out the full infographic


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