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  • by Shaun McKay

The Fear of IT Upgrades

You can gain so much by upgrading to new IT systems. But many SMEs are holding back because of the same old fears. With the right IT support, planning, and communication strategies in place, any business can quickly and efficiently complete IT upgrades, whilst saving time and money in the long run!

Do any of these objections sound familiar?  Imagine sharing your fears with one of our specialists. Here’s what you might hear back:

1. The upfront costs of IT innovation are too high!

Your upfront cost is nothing compared to the profitability from streamlined processes and enhanced productivity. For example, organizations that actively invested in the cloud have made cost savings of 42% in 2015. Investing in the right IT should be seen as adding considerable value over time.

2. Installing new IT will slow down my operational activity!

Better IT systems optimise productivity and efficiency. By rolling out new IT in stages you can minimise disruption of current projects and integrate new projects smoothly.

3. Are my staff just going to be replaced with robots?!

Employees with a manual skill set that will be overridden by new IT need to be assured that they will still hold value within your business.  Good communication and making everyone feel a part of the process is key. Defining clear outcomes for the project will give everyone clarity and a sense of purpose.

4. Do new IT systems put my business at risk from CYBERCRIME?

When it comes to IT, there will always be some factors beyond our control. While newer technology often comes with better security, it always pays to be say. Create a Disaster Recovery Plan so you have peace of mind if something goes wrong. By implementing IT the right way, and having these contingency plans in place, you can reduce the risk and impact of any issues that are encountered.

Information Technology A Key Driver of Growth

Research shows that businesses actively using cloud and mobile technologies have up to 53% higher revenue growth rates than those who have not.[1] In an increasingly challenging economic climate, where competition is more fierce than ever, technology investments are giving businesses a serious edge. Yet despite the correlation between IT systems and organisational growth, many businesses are still holding back from implementing new technologies.

At LeadingEdge we have worked with businesses from all sectors to help them make meaningful technological investments. We provide our clients with tailored IT services and support that align with their project goals.

Make the right technology investment for your business with LeadingEdge.

[1] http://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/vn/press-releases/2015-10-13-dell-global-technology-adoption-index

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