Case Study: Barlow Robbins

Reducing the Risk of New IT Systems for Barlow Robbins Solicitors

In 2011, Barlow Robbins, one of the largest law firms in the South East, requested our business IT support services to investigate their newly established IT infrastructure. Barlow Robbins decided to completely overhaul their IT strategy and architecture, and our aim was to make sure the plans they had developed were as sound as possible.

The Challenge

Today’s legal practices are increasingly reliant on the latest technology to support their continued provision of excellent customer service. With rising costs and more stringent budgets, Barlow Robbins channelled their efforts into developing a new IT system that fully backed up their expanding business.

With a potential IT investment of a few hundred thousand pounds, our challenge at LeadingEdge was to ensure Barlow Robbins had implemented resilient and efficient IT systems to achieve their business aims.

Ray Black, Chief Executive at Barlow Robbins explains:

I met Shaun McKay of LeadingEdge at a legal summit, and had been impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and integrity. As LeadingEdge were not involved in the project delivery, they were the perfect choice to give us the benefit of their experience through auditing our plans.”

The Solution

A complete systems audit allowed our engineers to confirm the suitability of the infrastructure in place at Barlow Robbins. It gave us the opportunity to identify key areas in which the business could take their intelligent IT solutions and business continuity strategy to the next level.


An in-depth assessment of Barlow Robbins IT solution, including network, systems, business continuity provision and security. This was mapped against their business aims to establish opportunities for additional technology investment and improvement.
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Business Continuity

A thorough analysis of Barlow Robbins business continuity solution to ensure the right backup strategy, data storage and data recovery plans were in place.
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The Outcome

As a result of the work undertaken during the systems audit, our team at LeadingEdge continues to work with Barlow Robbins, providing managed IT support as and when they need it.

LeadingEdge is not your typical pushy sales-based organisation. They really took time to listen and understand our business, our organisation, and our needs. We were able to have an open, honest and straightforward discussion. I didn’t feel like there was ever a hidden agenda, or that I was being led into making a purchase.


Barlow Robbins case study

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" The cloud-based platforms we’ve gone for have been liberating; staff can now easily work between the training facility in Hazelwood, Surrey, or at the club’s ground in Reading’s Madejski Stadium, and access key information whenever required. - London Irish Operations Manager, Richard Watton