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Comprehensive threats require comprehensive Solutions

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Blenheim Accounting are Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers for small & medium size enterprises.

Blenheim provides a fresh approach to accounting and finance for small and medium size enterprises. By understanding their clients business they pride themselves on being able to highlight opportunities, and give their clients the assurance you need to make the best business and organisational decisions. Their approach enables them to offer an economical way to tap into the skills of a highly experienced Virtual FD.

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The Challenge

The MD Chris Godden received a call from one of his team whilst out with a client, explaining their server had been infected with Ransomware and it was fairly rapidly infecting and locking all the files on their server.

Being on LeadingCare, a quick call to the LeadingEdge Team resulted in immediate action. The advice was to log all the PCs off the network and let us get to work. Whilst this meant all the team members were now unable to work, it did mean the virus could be contained and that the critical repair work could begin.

The data that was being infected was of course not just the vital data of Blenheim but also potentially with a bigger impact the majority of the files contained critical financial data of Blenheims’ clients.

Chris Godden, Managing Director of Blenheim Accounting explains:

I can’t begin to put a figure on the time and data would have cost us had it all been lost.

The Solution

Once the team got to work, via remote connection so no time was wasted, they found that in excess of 2,000 files were already infected, so the virus and infected files were quarantined to halt any further damage.

Apart from having a LeadingCare Contract with LeadingEdge, Blenheim had also invested in LeadingBackUp, an investment, that was just about to show its true value. With a clean copy of all the infected files, stored safely in a separate location we were able to restore them.

The Outcome

The whole process took less than 24 hours and no data was lost, meaning that the trust Blenheim has spent years building up with their customers was not lost either.

Chris Godden, Managing Director of Blenheim Accounting explains:

The swift recovery meant the impact to our business was kept to an absolute minimum.

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