Retail IT Support Services

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Retail IT services are our speciality here at LeadingEdge. Having worked with leading brands such as Benchmark Retail Services and Oliver Bonas, we fully understand what it takes to deliver retail-specific IT solutions that increase efficiency and enhance customer experience.

When you work with us, our IT experts carefully consider your core business goals and immediately adapt to your way of working. As an IT company with in-depth insight into the retail sector, we can ensure your business is supported with high performance, industry leading IT systems that give you real competitive advantage.

Faster & More Efficient Retail IT Solutions

We offer bespoke development services, which enable us to deliver tailored retail IT solutions that can optimise your current processes and systems – improving speed, cost-efficiency and effectiveness. We take our time to assess your needs and business goals in order to identify areas of technological innovation. This may involve upgrading your hardware and software, and/or creating a completely new software to meet your specific requirements.

From our experience, a number of retail businesses today continue to rely on outdated and unreliable software that cannot cope with the increasing demands and challenges of the industry. As a retailer, managing various systems in order to meet customer expectations can be risky, time consuming and costly. Benchmark Retail Services, for example, were struggling to manually consolidate the vast amount of product information provided by their growing client base. We stepped in and delivered a bespoke software solution designed to speed up and enhance the efficiency of their core processes, which has enabled them to better meet the needs of their clients and smash targets.

Scalable & Reliable Retail Cloud Services

Retail businesses today are under increasing pressure to deliver a fast and seamless customer experience at every touch point. There’s also a greater need for IT systems that provide a solid platform for consistent growth, without the additional costs and maintenance involved in manual upgrades. Cloud computing is a growing area of technological investment that can cater to these demands. Retail businesses in particular can benefit from tailored cloud services designed to enhance scalability, reliability and productivity in more ways than one.

Making use of the cloud means that retail businesses can also feel safe in the knowledge that their inventory and data is safely stored should an IT disaster occur – particularly important in such a fast-paced shopping environment. The benefits of cloud computing for retail include quick, real-time reporting, collaboration tools and enhanced communications between retail staff.

With LeadingEdge cloud computing services, your retail business can deliver all critical applications on any device, to both employees and customers. Your technology costs will be instantly reduced as you will only pay for what you need, and your systems will be able to scale automatically to meet fluctuating demand.

Retail IT Solutions for Multiple Users in Multiple Locations

Modern IT systems offer a fantastic level of flexibility to businesses that require consistently high levels of collaboration, productivity and performance among employees – whether they’re operating in one office, or across multiple locations. This is particularly important for retail businesses, who may have staff – and clients – in several different locations, all needing to access core applications and important data quickly and easily, at any time. To cater to these demands, LeadingEdge can deliver a range of IT services, such as:

Cloud Computing for Retail

As experts in deploying cloud-based services, we know just how effective this technology can be for maximising retail staff collaboration and productivity. Via the cloud, employees can store, share and use essential information at any time, wherever they are and from any device.

Upgrades & Renewals

Relying solely on desktop PCs and traditional software to support your retail business severely limits your capabilities to meet the challenges of the industry and customer requirements. Upgrading to mobile devices such as tablets and virtualised applications will instantly improve operational efficiency and the reliability of the services you provide. Employees are more connected and you will see a significant change in the costs and time spent maintaining your IT systems.

With customers’ technology expectations growing at a steady rate, ensuring you also have up-to-date retail technology for your customers to interact with is just as important. The latest PDQ machines that can handle payments via contactless and mobile will ensure increased customer satisfaction and will allow for quicker transactions during busier times. Modern POS systems can also improve your day to day efficiency, making your job easier and improving your customers’ shopping experience. LeadingEdge can set up and provide ongoing support for your retail IT solutions such as these.

Retail Internet Access – WiFi installation

Fast and consistent WiFi is essential for ensuring your staff are able to access critical data and information at any time, effortlessly utilising POS systems, CRM software and processing online sales. Although it may seem a relatively small area of IT investment, a great WiFi service can make a fantastic contribution to your retail business in the long-term.

Grow your retail business and acquire a real competitive advantage with LeadingEdge IT support services.

PCI Compliance

Any company that accepts credit card payments must comply to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). If you accept card payments or store, process or transmit any cardholder data, then you need to host your data securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider. Find out more.

What Next?

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