PCI Compliance for Retail

What is PCI Compliance?

Any company that accepts credit card payments must comply to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). If you accept card payments or store, process or transmit any cardholder data, then you need to host your data securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider.

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How does PCI Compliance affect retail?

No matter which stage of the process you are involved in, whether you simply transmit cardholder data or you are storing it for future use, it is vitally important that you are safe and secure when handling this information. A breach could be potentially disastrous, not only for the loss of personal information but for the damage it will cause your company reputation. Make sure you have all the appropriate safeguards in place to protect the digital payment information you handle.

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Regardless of how you gather cardholder data, whether it’s face-to-face using a chip and pin machine, over the phone or online, PCI Compliance still applies. A relationship of trust is established between you and the cardholder to keep their information safe. If you are PCI Compliant then, as a business, you are demonstrating you are secure and you are taking every precaution to keep customer information safe.

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PCI Compliance and Technology

As technology is constantly changing and evolving, the average consumer now expects this technology to be rolled out into retail outlets across the UK as standard practice. For example, contactless card machines are now used in many shops up and down the nation, and their popularity is only increasing. However, despite this new technology, PCI Compliance still applies wherever cardholder data is being used.

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