Cloud Services For Law Firms

Here at LeadingEdge, we understand how important it is for law firms to stay secure and keep their confidential information safe. Having worked with some of the top 50 legal firms in the country, we know from experience that privacy and trust are vital. This is why our team of experts are dedicated to ensuring that these values are prioritised and the technology we use is secure.

We appreciate the importance of meeting client expectations. That’s pride ourselves in our ability to deliver high-quality services to set deadlines. We provide you with reliable network infrastructures that are available 24/7, so that you can provide your clients with the best service possible. Whatever you need, here at LeadingEdge we are flexible and can cater to your law firms’ specific requirements.

Cloud computing for legal practices

Why use cloud computing if you work in a law firm?

Many of us have heard of ‘the cloud’, but few of us truly understand what it means. In summary, cloud computing delivers all that regular computing services can, including servers, storage, databases, networks and software, but over the Internet. This allows them to be scalable with business needs and accessible wherever you are.

There are a number of reasons why cloud computing can offer your law firm the ideal solution. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) published a report in 2013 which concludes that with the correct due diligence on any proposed provider and a cloud solution that provides sufficient data protection in place, law firms will benefit from the low cost and flexibility advantages of cloud computing. Cloud computing provides flexibility, cost efficiency and scalability to any law firm, whilst maintaining the highest security and data protection to ensure that all information is safe.

Advantages of cloud computing

At LeadingEdge, we are conscious that law firms have to keep on top of legal changes and, therefore, it can be difficult to keep pace with changes in technology too. Although cloud technology is not a new technology, UK law firms have been slow to adopt it and the benefits from the significant business payback that it can bring. The multitude of advantages of cloud computing explain why more and more business are finding it an attractive alternative to more traditional IT services.

Data Security

There are multiple benefits of cloud computing which are specific to law firms, the most important of which is data security. Although it may sound obvious, by storing your data off-site it means that, regardless of whether something happens to your premises, your data remains safe and unaffected.

With LeadingEdge’s cloud solutions, your data is protected in UK-based, state-of-the-art data centres with failsafe equipment, additional safeguards and 24/7 security in place. Furthermore, LeadingEdge fully understand the specific security objectives of law firms and we have vast experience in protecting and storing data.

We have access to strong security and encryption which means that your client’s confidentiality is safeguarded at all times.

Cost Effectiveness

Keeping the costs of IT systems down is often a high priority with law firms, particularly law firms who have grown and need to upgrade their entire IT system. Migration to cloud computing becomes a part of the business transformation process and results in a reduction in the firm’s total cost ownership of its IT solutions. This is achieved by mitigating the cost of kit, management overheads, energy, ongoing maintenance and insurance.

At LeadingEdge, we are committed to helping law firms turn the fixed cost of IT systems into a flexible cost, which avoids high initial investment by deploying tailored cloud solutions that grow with your business.

Business Continuity

Your cloud service provider is responsible for your uptime, data protection, software updates and all aspects of maintenance. Along with this, if your data is backed up off-site then you are safe in the knowledge that all essential client services can be delivered, no matter what happens. The SRA recommends ensuring that all law firms have a Business Continuity (BC) strategy that is backed up by a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that can be deployed quickly. This is in case of an emergency situation such as theft, flooding or a fire.

LeadingEdge offer Business Continuity Award standard advice, as well as a range of robust BC solutions and SmartGuard online backup and disaster recovery service.

Always Accessible

We know that your partners and solicitors are regularly on the road meeting clients. With such a mobile business environment, cloud computing is the best way to accommodate agility and accessibility. Cloud computing allows users to access key documents, no matter where they are and on whatever device they are using. This ensures that the firms productivity and profitability continues to improve. It is also useful for firms that operate a hot-desk policy and frequently move around the office.

Within a few clicks, the LeadingEdge team can start managing your entire mobile lifecycle in order to provide increased security and compliance enforcement.

Hybrid Cloud Systems

Public vs private cloud solutions? Where do you go on this debate? Both have benefits which would be useful in any law firm. That’s why so many law firms choose a Hybrid Cloud Solution. It seamlessly combines the flexibility and affordability of public cloud solutions with the security and client control of private cloud solutions. Hybrid cloud systems allows you to cherry pick that services in the cloud and onsite that best suit your business needs, enabling law firms to take advantage of scalability without exposing critical data to third-party vulnerabilities.

If you would like to learn more about how Hybrid Cloud models can benefit your business, give us a call and find out more.

Work with experts

No two law firms are the same, and so it is vital that you work with a service provider who appreciates the importance of tailoring your cloud solution to exactly meet your business needs, whilst delivering fast return on investment.

LeadingEdge is already the choice of a range of legal firms, offering the guarantees and SLAs in IT service and support that benefits the legal profession. Our UK based data centres are fully equipped with enterprise-level network infrastructures that enable you to host your IT in a secure, robust environment, for total peace of mind.

We have a track record of working in partnership with lawyers and/or their IT teams to ensure that technology investment meets business needs. If you would like to know more information on how cloud computing can benefit your law firm, get in touch today and we will be happy to help!